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Let's not talk about $EX, baby...

Updated: Feb 14

We are we walking, breathing, and living conflicts!





It’s all because of the “primal sin”.

I’ll explain, but first let me lay it out upon you:



Unless you are a test-tube baby, two people had to shag, fucx, make love, have $_ex, in order to bring you to this world.

YES, thats right, and pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Well, if that is so obvious that two bodies had to connect in order for all of us to be here,

(not even mentioning all the other times people connect, have $_ex, not for procreation, in whatever constellation).



Even the genius Mark FB Zuckerberg’s parents did that, Along side the birds and the bees…

 (this post was originally posted on facebook)


So if that is so much in the VERY ECENSS of life,

Please explain to me to me why I need to use the $, ($_exy Dollar $ymbol) when ever I want to write the word $$$$_e_x???

(if you don’t know, it’s to trick the search robot who is looking for this words to filter posts about the hot topic...)




Please understand, this is a disclaimer of society’s mirror, not a complain.



So we actually start from here.




Our $_exuality is sensitive, it is so because it is one of the most potent powers on earth, (gravitation on the horizontal ), and not only in connection to procreation, even more so because it represent the edge of DESIRE.



Desire to expend, to connect, to vibrate, to be ALIVE!


You may say: “what do you mean? are we not Alive? couldn’t we read your words if we warn’t Alive?”


Yes, you can DO many functions.


But these functions becomes expansion when your FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, is LIBERATED, and FLOWING.


Oh gush!!! wait a minute!!! Was that last sentence you wrote here actually a dirty $$exual thing in disguise??



So here is the core of it, only in society that has disconnected genitalia from the source, that has detached us from the love we are,


in this kind of society a$$e$ needs to be written with the dollar symbol, $_exuality is a sin, and the talk and thoughts of it is dirty.



your FOUNTAIN OF LIFE, is your S-EX connected to your HEART, while you are connected to the earth and the universe.


Then you become and embody, the magical vessel of life you actually are.



When the fracture between heart and s_ex is meet with compassion, WILD and INNOCENCE are at union not contradictory.



 If this article touches you,

and you would like to experience a place that is not limited by the “primal sin” shaming syndrome.


That place is the Temple.


The temple is a reflection of the Temple that your entirety with in your body and soul actually is!

Wildly Innocent is calling you to come and play, and remember the innocence that you are, and always have been since you where embodied on this earth.  


The wildly innocent is a unique journey.

It is a self loving and juicy experience of embodied rituals, to look closely at societies programs, and liberate the conditioning of the “primal sin”.


This journey is designed to bring reconciliation and compassion to the collective consciousness of the inner unconscious conflict between heart and $_ex,

and to encourage you to take action in your life from wholeness of passion and purpose.

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