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with Ananda Amit Angelo

Self Acceptance
Self Expansion
Self Expression

​4 months tailor-made Clarity & Breakthrough Mentorship


The AWAKENING TO PASSION program is based on 3 modules,

Acceptance, Expansion, and Expression.


It's aim is to shift limiting believes by:

Releasing shame, and guilt from your system.

Expanding your capacity to feel emotions, and pleasure.

Gaining awareness to the power of the spoken word and your communications.

It's goal is to allow you to activate EXTRAORDINARY REALITY into your LIFE.

Own your needs.

Know your desires.

Express yourself with ease and clarity.

Create, and Activate an extraordinary Life.

I am here to support you as much as I can to reclaim and enhance your FREEDOM, PASSION & LOVE.

Having more pleasure, ease, satisfaction, and intimacy, in your love, sex, and work life.

"Every moment in Life has alter layers of reality.
How deep would you like yours to be?"

~ Ananda

Learning to Accept
All Parts of You

Riding the dragon instead of running away from it!

Making inner peace with all parts of you. Welcoming anger, rage, pain and frustration. Learning to cultivate these forces for personal power, instead of leaking them to unconsciously create drama in your life.

Our emotional body is the deep voice of our truth. At times, suppressed or “pushed down”, at times to the point we think we “should” be, and behave differently than who we truly are.

In this Module, you will learn to meet shadow and challenging aspects. You will practice how to accept them as part of you and channel them meaningfully into your life.

The essence of creation is desire.

In Hebrew, the word desire, (יצר - Yetser), has the root as the word creation, (יצירה - Yetsira).

It is our desire that brings newborns into the world; in fact, every first step in any direction starts with a desire to move!

In this module, you will learn how to allow more sensations, more pleasure, and more life into your body.

Expand into creation!

Expanding Your Life in All Directions

Pleasure & Ecstasy are your birthright!

Empowered Expressing
From Projection to Communication!

Wherever you don’t use your Power, someone else does!

The word has the power to create, and destroy.

Many people don't know the power of their own word.

Learn to talk about yourself, to be transparent, to make reality checks and keep your communications real, and FROM THE HEART.

Learn how to create true connections, clearly delivering your needs and your intentions to the people around you.

Grow to be accountable, kind and generous towards your connections. While feeling grounded and centred within yourself.


Image by Rajvinder singh

Maya, Prague

"Thank you, Ananda, for being a wonderful guide and sacred space holder. With your support, I released deeply rooted limiting beliefs about my sexuality, letting go of inner shame and judgment. I expressed myself fully, and your retreat became a sacred dance of love, light, and beauty.”

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