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a personal note from me...

There is an open question in me regarding the use of “advanced” as a reference to participating in this program.

I believe that having a “beginner-mind set” is a key to exploration and growth.

Yet, from the experience gathered in over 6 years of temple work, and from running this specific program few times the last year, I emphasize here the need for a solid sovereign base, prior knowledge of "the wheel of consent", and experience in sex positive spaces, in order to participate and "surf" this program, rather then "drown" in it.

There is a great YouTube video by David Deida, called "Function, Flow, and Glow",  where he explains the difference between the modalities of trauma,Yoga, and spiritual practice regarding the work in the field of sexuality.

I add here the link for part 1, and warmly invite you to follow and watch all 4 parts, (YouTube will show you the followings once you have watched the first).

This program is designed to explore, in an embodied way, 

the split between the heart and sex in the collective consciousness of our society, and your relation to your own sexuality, like an artist in the process of creation.


Is Eros and INNOCENCE a contradiction for you?

Do you perceive passion, desire and $exuality as INNOCENT?

What does INNOCENCE mean to you?

Do you celebrate or grief your INNOCENCE?

Is life itself INNOCENT?

And if not, what conflict are we holding?

During this temple weekend, we will explore these questions around INNOCENCE in an embodied way to invite…

…letting go of guilt and shame,

…all the pleasure we hold to unfold,

…the pure joy of life,

…remembering and reclaiming our wholeness,

…connection in an open, authentic and innocently curious way,



The temple will be held and facilitated


with the intention to bring up our godly nature in playfulness,


freedom, and authenticity with the permission for full spectrum


expression and connection to each other and the whole.
Get to know yourself in this potent, sacred sex-positive space.
You are invited to explore
love free of fear,
authentic desire,
nourishment of heart and Eros in a safe community space.

Let us bow in devotion to the eternal

presence of mystery within and around,
Let us humble ourselves in front of or own souls,
Let us grow into the giants we are
Let us pray, Let us play,


This is a space of permission.
Everything is welcome.
Nothing needs to happen.
Nudity and/ or $exual (sensual / intimate) interactions are always optional and totally at your own discernment.
In every moment, you have an opportunity to decide which level of engagement is accurate for you.
It is entirely possible and very welcomed to stay dressed throughout the whole event and still have an epic transformational time.
Intimacy is a space of authentic encounter with the other (or oneself).
Sacredness is being present with the entirety of your being to the moment.
Healing can happen by experiencing extraordinary reality and sourcing love back into your life.


This is an 18+ event.
The weekend is for people who already have experience in $ex-positive spaces and/or tantra, intimacy, and sacred $exuality work.
We are welcoming people of all orientations and gender identities.
The temple is open for singles, couples, and people in alternative relational structures.
Couples, or any Poly structured relating are welcome to join together or independently (please read more on couples in the section under PRACTICALITIES).
The space is strictly FREE of alcohol, drugs and (chemical) perfumes.


> Sacred Connections & Consent
> Sharing circles
> Exploration of desires
> Exploration of INNOCENCE
> Ritual into the Mystery
> Temple Night Ceremony
> Cacao Magic




This beautiful gentle and yet profound plant medicine will be our companion for the evening. We will drink it in a dedicated ceremony.

Cacao is not a “mind-altering” but a “heart-opening” medicine.

It supports both our feminine soft and juiciness expression, as well as our masculine clarity.

It can open a very subtle door to a deeper ecstatic state of being in the heart.

If you are not familiar with the ancient medicine plant please do some research prior or ask us questions!

** If you are either pregnant or having a heart condition, please let us know about it. In this case, it is recommended to have a small diluted portion.


Additional info for people in
a relationship

The feedback, which we most often get from our participants, is that we create a safe space. Nudity, touch and se✖ual engagement is optional and always at your own discernment. Being in your truth and owning your accurate needs and desires is encouraged at all times. Needs for relaxation, self-centeredness, and emotional ease are addressed first before going into intimate contact with others.
The container we create encourages total self-responsibility for your emotions, and non-reactional supportive space-holding from the entire group.

It is a space where people can dive into their process and also to transcend wounding and go into blissful collective realities where we get to experience new ways of being and relating. Healing of our broken selves might take forever and we take a loving-presence approach towards that. At the same time, there is a frequency known to all of us in our cellular memory of healed and wholesome life where each movement is coming from mystery and is offered as a prayer.
We would like to invite you to a space where we tap into the sacredness of human existence.





Additional info for people in a relationship

> Info for couples joining together: You are very welcome to join as a couple and have all the interactions only with each other or with other people. You can also at any point decide which interactions to have together and which to have with other people. Our invitation is for you to mingle with other people, especially for the first part of the event.
We strongly recommend that you discuss with your partner, before the event, what your relationship boundaries are for this event. That is, what are you willing or not willing to witness your partner do with other people (e.g. cuddling cloths-on, kissing, cuddling cloths-off, energetic sex, sexual interactions without penetrative sex, use of barriers and condoms etc etc). All interactions will take place in one big space.

> If you are in (a) relationship(s) and you are coming solo: we do recommend for you to be in open communication with your partner(s) about this event and when appropriate discuss interaction boundaries. We promote transparency in relationships.


"What has made my experience in Ananda's retreat different from others, is his clear, embodied and, honestly, touching transmission of two things: inner authority and the innocence of Eros. It was new for me that a guide/facilitator not only told me that I can safely make my own choices at the retreat, but made me feel it. Ananda was leading, but I never felt I could do anything wrong, I felt full permission to be myself, use his instruction in whichever way I needed. This is obvious intellectually, but making inner authority felt emotionally in a group setting is magic to me. And feeling my inner authority in this way made it so much easier to feel Eros as non-threatening, to feel safe enough in myself to allow it to flow. A rare experience for me and, I can imagine, for other women, too. Thank you, Ananda" ~ Mila, PHD psychotherapist

"I'm vibrating, highest, purest energy. I will use this condition to let go of old patterns. I met a few ugly shadow faces thank you!!! The whole event was so wisely and beautifully arranged, I'm grateful." ~ Susan

"The temple nights were such a source of power and love. Aleksandra and Ananda providing a safe space for everybody. Everything is allowed, nothing has to be. A great combination of meditation, dance, sensuality and connecting with people on so many levels. For me it is such a great opportunity to have that here in Berlin, integrated in my daily life, and not just as an isolated experience in a retreat. What a different way of celebrating a Saturday night!" ~ Sonja

"You were offering an invitation to come into deeper states of authenticity within our own spirituality, sensuality and se✖uality. This space was created with an invitation for everybody to raise their frequency, raise up their energy and become more into connection to divinity. The purity of that intention was carried through immensely into my body, into my heart and into my life".~ Freya

"I’m deeply touched by the created energy of all the temple sisters and brothers. There have been so many authentic moments of understanding, trusting, being held…. Thanks so much." ~Mark

“I feel very much transformed and attribute most of this to my change of behaviour due to your Temples. You guys are awesome! I feel very close and very connected to so many women right now. I can barely express how I feel right now. Purr purr!” ~Jens

"Vast space. Someone playing the guitar and singing, two people kissing soft and gentle. A group of three or five or humans cuddling and enjoying each other. Emotional release, lots of shaking. Someone dancing the dance of life itself. Sharing visions and prayers. The taste of Cacao on the tongue, feeling its fire running through the body. Everything is welcomed, all is perfect, nothing has to happen. The space wonderful Aleksandra and Ananda are holding is very special in its sweetness, playfulness and innocent wildness. They create a safe container for the medicine and the mystery to unfold. Experiencing more and more love and EROS to live a new culture into its existence. Thank you for all the bliss and growth and celebration!" ~Joshua

"The Temple was setup slowly and skillfully, every component has a purpose in building the Temple together. The facilitators both live and practice what they offer to the Temple space...  I can definitely recommend building a Temple led by those two beautiful beings if you have some experience/openness to what are Temples all about: embodying love including the sexual energy!" ~Rose

"Aleksandra and Ananda are such beautiful souls that are not only able to create an absolutely safe space, but also a uniquely sacred one. Now I realize how lucky I was to experience my first temple night ever with them, and, honestly, I am really spoiled now when it comes to authentic and trustworthy space holders. I tried several other environments but never felt as much much love, compassion, and high-frequency-energies as with Eros Medicine. It indeed is medicine and I am so grateful for the se_xual healing that was possible to unfold since my first temple. Thank you for your whole-heartedness, your passion, and following your mission by creating these spaces."~ Jacky

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