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Sacred Spot is profound work rooted in Tantra and sexual shamanism. It constitutes a comprehensive massage journey meticulously crafted to release stagnant energies.

The recipient of the massage (seeker) may embark on a journey into shamanic realms within the subconscious, gathering and assimilating essential information for the body, mind, and soul.

This session is deeply transformative, offering healing and empowerment. It has the potential to awaken and release old pains, sadness, and anger, facilitating a transition into pleasure and relaxation.



In Tantra, the Yoni is considered the "source" or origin of life.

It possesses a potent feminine polarity and a unique ability to attract both desired and undesired energies.

The power of the Yoni lies in its vulnerability. Sadly, many Yonis haven't always been treated with respect, entered with full consent, free from time pressure, or touched with complete loving presence without any expectation of reciprocation.

The session is specifically crafted to transmute numbness, infusing vitality and aliveness into the Yoni, the entire body, and the soul.


Anna, Berlin

“I bow for his power of love and presence. I can truly say he is honoring the speed and nature of the sacred feminine. I come out glowing every time I meet Ananda in those realms, I feel loved, accepted and seen. It's actually life changing.”
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