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About Ananda Amit Angelo

Ananda Amit Angelo is a transformational facilitator, an embodied Eros coach, sacred sexuality shaman, and a father of three.

In his work, he supports people's empowerment and pleasure.
His mission is to "Reclaim the ecstatic-innocent wisdom of our body by letting go of guilt and shame around sexuality."

He holds Temples, retreats, and workshops of sacred sexuality around the world.

Additionally, he engages in coaching, provides body sessions, and facilitates with  ISTA (The International School of Temple Arts). 


His journey began as a dancer at the “Bat-Sheva” dance company exploring the GAGA movement, parallel to working as a professional guitarist. Later, he formed and led his own dance company "De De Dance" choreographing and performing with his partner for 12 years.

He took part as a founder of  Tel-Aviv Waldorf school “Bait Chinuch Aviv”, the Israeli choreographer’s association, and  the Israeli dancer’s union which he led for 7 years.


"My research in dance has mostly focused on body awareness, somatics, and the present moment. The journey led me into deep practices of spirituality and consciousness. "Realizing that every moment in the dance of life is a sacred expression — the unique gift of our life force — expanded my exploration into Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. My life turned into a celebration of the unknown."


"I am inviting my brothers and sisters to play freely and walk this earth shining their pleasure and light.

I am here to support letting go of guilt and shame, and to create with you a new culture of relating in the religion of love. "

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