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Temples refer here to spaces where sexuality is welcomed, celebrated, honoured and regarded as sacred expression of human life. Temples of sacred sexuality are currently being reignited on Earth brought by through Tantra, Taoism and modern mysteries schools.

The temple will be held and facilitated

with the intention to bring up our godly nature in playfulness,

freedom, and authenticity with the permission for full spectrum

expression and connection to each other and the whole.
Get to know yourself in this potent, sacred sex-positive space.

I have never been in a sex-positive space, can I join?

Welcome! We congratulate you for making the first step and enquiring!

To start with join our workshops, retreats, weekends or at least an evening introduction before attending a Temple night.

You are invited to explore

love free of fear,

intimacy, self-responsibility, authentic desire,

nourishment of heart and Eros in a safe community space.


Sacred spaces are open to people of all genders & sexual orientations with an atmosphere of respect & acceptance at all times. To ensure a good mix of people & personalities in the room, sessions are not gender balanced (i.e. one man to one woman). There is an invitation to move beyond personal preference & ideas of sexual attraction, into a space of welcoming & appreciating everyone. Please note: bookings are frequently made on the day so it isn't possible to confirm the gender balance before the workshop.


Great healing comes from turning intragender competition into a field of sisterhood / brotherhood. In fact, this might be the single most important factor in creating healthy relations of the future.


There is usually some nudity in the room. Nudity is totally at your own discretion. At NO point will you ever be asked to be naked. You always choose your level of physical (as well as emotional) exposure in the room.

Do I have to have sex / touch other people?

Absolutely not!

All exercises you decide to take to your own degree. Most of all you are there for your own healing and respecting your own boundaries is the bottom line and a first step to begin the healing process in intimacy.


Most events (unless otherwise stated) are created for singles & couples. As well as those in all other forms of relationships.


If you arrive with a partner (or arrive as an individual with partner/s outside the space) please make sure to discuss your relationship boundaries prior to the event.

How to prepare myself before the event?

Come as you are. Read an intro email,

check what "to bring" list and relax.

Shower, brush your teeth and put yourself in anyway which feels good to you. Wear what feels sexy / comfy for you or what represents your mood.


Please NOTE: this is artificial scent free space! IE. NO perfume please!


Please note that the number of participants is limited to increase intimacy & safety within the group & space. Please note: bookings are frequently made on the day so it isn't possible to confirm numbers before the workshop.


Please use your own property to sit on below your naked bum.


Please use hand sanitizers or wash your hands after touching genitals / body fluids and before moving on to different interaction. There is a corner where items like hand sanitizer and condoms are provided. Keep yourself and other healthy. Be transparent about your health situation and your interactions.

What is boundaries and desires work?

We loose a lot of life force energy fighting with ourselves by hiding what we truly want and at the same time feeling not comfortable to say ‘no’ out of fear of hurting others or fear of rejection. We work with polarities of boundaries and desires, that is, the ability to state our ‘no’ and ability to go for what we want (ability to say a full ‘yes’), in order to find balance and integrity.

What is Conscious Touch?

Once we become aware of patterns, which activate us around our boundaries and desires we become conscious of our behaviors. Bringing our boundaries and desires into light (from shadow to light / from hidden to acknowledged) gives us ability to change old patterns, so that our relationship to others and our touch become more conscious and, therefore, more empowering and healing for all involved.

From beginning to end

The journey we are embarking on together is a shamanic container. As such, it holds a clear beginning, journey, and ending. We ask that you come with the intention to stay until the end, and if challenges or triggers arise, we will do our best to support you in moving through them until completion


Having said that, this whole journey is about your sovereignty: owning your needs, desires, and boundaries. If you feel that your ultimate truth is to leave the space and go home, You are always at choice to do so.

Our only request is that you let the facilitator know about your intention and be open to having a short check-in to see how you are doing and if you need any support.

Pointers in Co-Creating the Temple Field
Voluntary commitments of moving towards the essence together

The Temple is a beautiful time to nourish your soul and body with contact, love and togetherness. Go for what will nourish you! For some it might be a gentle stroke on the back and a listening ear, for some it might be lovemaking in all its forms imaginable. Whatever you choose to do, we suggest - go for consciousness, presence, being slower and doing something different than what you are use to. Here are 4 principles we particularly like you to hear and integrate:


- You are the one to take care of your own boundaries, needs, and desires, and to clearly communicate them with the other.

- You are the one to breathe deeply, spread, and vibrate your pleasure through your body. 

- Every one is experiencing reality from their own perspective, the NATURE of your experience is yours, and shaped by the unique path of your life.

- You are the master of your reality and your response to reality. Remember that nudity and sexual interactions are always optional and totally at your own discernment.


to be, feel and love. At any moment you may invite others for play/engagement of any benevolent sort (dance, touch, eye-gazing, sharing, sensuality, intimacy, support etc.) - even if they are already engaged. Ask for permission to join and seek a clear verbal or non-verbal “YES” from all involved. At the same time, you may say “NO” to anybody at any point without explaining yourself and disengage at ANY POINT. Give yourself a permission to be fully with what comes, including resistance, tears, anger etc. Do not take anything personally!


Few important points to move in harmony with your Temple brothers and sisters, and keep the integrity of the space.

CONFIDENTIALITY - talk only about your own experience. Refrain from revealing other people’s experiences or identities.

COMPASSION- Allow yourself to see the people around you at their most highest potential, support the transformation with your gaze.

ACCOUNTABILITY - Do as you say, do not do what you don't say or consent to.

TRANSPARENCY - If things needs to be addressed please do so, with consent, and in a time that is suitable for all the people involved. 


Take this experience and space as an opportunity for coming more into alignment with yourself and thus putting your heart and presence into all your actions. Allow yourself to drop your masks and the stories; allow your essence to shine through you and guide you, especially when it comes to sexuality. The generated energy of bliss can be used for prayer and manifestation.

Note on Emotions:

The Temple playground offers an opportunity to research oneself by observing your own patterns. As much as emotions are welcomed in the Temple, it is not meant as a workshop or group process space. Therefore, I ask you to be mindful about taking attention of the whole group for personal process. Instead, if at any point you get triggered by anything I suggest to you: stop and breath deeper. If still needed follow these steps: 1) shake – shake thoroughly your whole body combined with lots of breathing for a few minutes until your state shifts - take care of your own emotions by allowing the emotions to move in the body and dropping back to the essence – you can do so in the designated self-care space, 2) consciously request anybody you feel that can support you (to share, be held, release more etc.), 3) ask for support from one of the facilitators, I am available for your support at any moment (even if I am engaged in an activity).

Note on Watching:

There are various ways to interact with the space. One of them is watching others. The request is that when you are watching the space you are doing so consciously and as a choice. If observing the entirety of space take a stance of watching with eyes full of devotion, let your eyes receive the beauty and transmission of bliss from others – look at people seeing in them their highest potential and beauty (nobody likes to feel judgmental eyes on them especially while exposing their vulnerability). If focusing on specific people, I call it sacred voyeurism. Sacred voyeurism is a practice. Before engaging in it ask permission for watching of all people involved.


If, however, you find yourself watching the space while being in contraction / freeze / judgments or simply in your head this will not support neither you nor the space. Immediately recognize it and turn to self-care as in the above point. Moving to self-care space might be highly supportive. Shake shake shake. Breath, sound and movement are your best allies.

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