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Coaching, Sessions & Body work

Upgrade your life!​

I support people in experiencing
in their love, sex, and work life.


I offer:

- Hands-on body sessions.

- Online 1:1 coaching sessions.

- Tailor-made mentorship programs.
I can support and show you:

  • How to shift old patterns that prevent you from being the best version of yourself.

  • how to change your reality to live in fulfillment and passion.

  • how to reclaim your power in love, relationships and intimacy.

  • How to embody freedom and innocence, allowing you to experience deep and profound connections to yourself and others.

In my work I combine meditation, shadow work, somatic and breath work, movement, pressure points, shamanic work, and classic Tantra.

I am here to support people who:

  • Feel that continuing as it is has become too painful.

  • Have the courage to face their shadow.

  • Are ready to embark on a vulnerable journey.

  • Want and are committed to change.

  • Are willing to invest in themselves.


If you feel the call, please fill out a contact form, and we will embark on a magical journey together.


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body session

I offer Sacred Spot and Yoni massage sessions. This is deep and transformational work that touches on vulnerable aspects and can bring about significant shifts. The session time is approximately 3 hours.


ONLINE 1:1 session

Book an online session here for immediate support.

If you are facing a challenge, feeling caught up in a situation, processing a life event, need to unstick yourself, or need an outer reflection for your situation.

Session time is 90 minutes.



If you have done some work and are ready for a deep dive, this one is for you. Depending on the situation and your intentions, we will go on a few months' journey that includes several modalities, online and hands-on sessions, as well as group participation. All sessions will be tailor-made to invite deep shifts in your life.

Cem, Germany

“Ananda is one of the key persons in my life for resolving relationship blockages. In his men circles, workshops and temple nights I learned to be content with relationships like never before. I came from an macho alpha male attitude and learned to be open, vulnerable and free. Experienced real power as I learned to communicate my desires, fears and boundaries. Learned to show the true me.
 What a liberation to be with someone without any need to hide something."

Maya, Prague

"Thank you, Ananda, for being a wonderful guide and sacred space holder. With your support, I released deeply rooted limiting beliefs about my sexuality, letting go of inner shame and judgment. I expressed myself fully, and your retreat became a sacred dance of love,
light, and beauty.”

Ariel, Israel

“Your energy saw through my pain. You new what I needed to do to heal. Your presence was a blessing for me”
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